Little Angel Daycare
The best of both worlds for your little angels

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Established in 1994, Little Angel Daycare is the best of both worlds for you and your family.  We provide a loving and caring atmosphere for your child in an in-home setting, while offering the same quality of service that a childcare center presents.  Our low ratio of children to adult (6 to 1) allows the staff to encourage and help children reach their full potential.  Our children know that they are loved, talented, and unique as a result of the warm environment that we have created. 

We have three separate facilities, conveniently located in the same neighborhood.  Each of our locations services a different age group in order to allow for developmentally appropriate activities which include: crafts, songs, read- aloud, dance, exercise, and play time.  These activities keep the children engaged, while at the same time fosters their social development.

At Little Angel Daycare, we provide breakfast, lunch, and a snack that are all state approved meals.  All of our facilities are licensed and registered with the State of Texas.  Our employees receive a variety of training that equips them with the knowledge they need in order to best care for your children.
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