Our Mission


Our mission at Little Angel Daycare is to help each child develop his or her potential in every area:


We provide a loving, nurturing environment in order for them to explore  this amazing world that we live in and all that it has to offer. We  allow each child many hands-on opportunities to learn and grow.


Why choose Little Angel Daycare of Plano?


 At Little Angel Daycare we offer the best of both worlds. We provide the same quality of care and service that the big daycare centers offer; but in a smaller, more loving, home environment. 

We really enjoy taking our “little angels” outside to our playground to play. It is very important that children develop their large motor skills. We have a nice playground, riding toys, balls, etc. We also like to incorporate nature into our artwork by using leaves, sticks and flowers as different mediums to work with. We like to use nature as part of our science class and learn about the world around us. The children are excited to learn about the seasons, the weather, trees, flowers, birds and squirrels as we talk about our surroundings. We also use various books to talk about other animals that we don’t see in our neighborhood 

Infant & Toddlers

Our infant and toddler house's director, Tina Robertson, has been with us since the beginning of Little Angel Daycare.  This house provides care for children ages 0-3 years of age.  Children are encouraged to explore the world around them through hands on learning activities.


One of the main goals at our preschool facility is to prepare the children for Kindergarten on both an academic and a social level.  The children at this house range from ages 2.5- kindergarten.  Our preschool director, Tristina Robertson, works with the children on letter recognition, phonemic awareness, basic math skills, and character building. 

Although we know that it is important for the children to be kindergarten ready, we also believe that play is one of the most valuable opportunities for children to grow cognitively and socially.  Because of this, we give them plenty of opportunities to explore the world around them and play with their peers.

After School Program

During the school year we pick up students from schools throughout Plano.  We then provide snack and help with homework, should your child need it.  After homework is completed children are allowed to play games both indoor and outdoors as well as color and do crafts.

Summer Programs

 In the summer the children go on two or three field trips per week including: swimming, bowling, jump houses, movies, putt-putt golf, etc. On days that we do not go on field trips there is time for indoor and outdoor play, crafts, games, handwriting practice, and reading among other activities